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Institute E+ believes that producing, gathering and disseminating proposals based on sound technical and scientific knowledge and widely promoting these is a powerful way to advance the energy transition. Below you will find cutting-edge studies carried out by the most advanced researchers, experts and institutions, divided into four categories



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Accelerating the low carbon transition

Meeting climate goals requires ‘rapid and far-reaching transitions in energy, land, urban and infrastructure (including transport and buildings) and industrial systems. These systems transitions are unprecedented in terms of scale, but not necessarily in terms of speed…’ How can this be achieved?

11/2019            [ study by the E+network ]

David G Victor, Frank W Geels, Simon Sharpe

09/2019            [ E+ study ]

Carola Griebenow and Amanda Ohara

reducing the cost of financing renewables in europe

A proposal for an EU Renewable Energy Cost Reduction Facility (RES-CRF)

09/2016            [ agora study ]

Ian Temperton, with Robert Brückmann and Matthias Buck

the integration cost of wind and solar power

An overview of the debate on the effects of adding wind and solar photovoltaic into power systems

12/2015            [ agora study ]

Daniel Fürstenwerth, Dimitri Pescia, Philipp Litz

the danish experience with integrating variable renewable energy

Lessons learned and options for improvement

09/2015            [ agora study ]

Anders Kofoed-Wiuff, János Hethey, Mikael Togeby, Simon Sawatzki and Caroline Persson

the european power system in 2030: flexibility challenges and integration benefits

An Analysis with a focus on the Pentalateral Energy Forum Region

06/2015            [ agora study ]

Mirjam Stappel, Ann-Katrin Gerlach, Angela Scholz, Carsten Pape