Institute E+ is an initiative of the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS), which later became an independent organization with an interdisciplinary team that provides analysis, studies and ideas about political and economic issues, focusing on the Brazilian energy transformation. The actions of E+ are based on identifying the trends and barriers of developing a Brazilian energy sector with low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In addition, it also assesses the contributions this sector makes to other economic sectors in the same fashion.


Besides structuring development, energy is one of the engines of the global economy. Playing a pioneer role in low-carbon energy generation, Brazil has the ability to position itself as a leader in the energy transition, which directly or indirectly involves different stakeholders who are engaged in developing public policies in this field. Decisions made today in Brazil and elsewhere in the world will produce long-term effects. It’s essential that these decisions are based on sound scientific knowledge and are defined through broad, inclusive, plural and independent dialogues. The E+ Energy Dialogues Institute proposes to be this forum for a qualified dialogue about the energy transition, geared at enabling both the systemic evolution and the integrated, dynamic and efficient energy evolution in Brazil.


The Institute E+ is committed to contribute to Brazil’s energy transition, taking into consideration technical, economic regulatory and financial principles. Its main role in this process is to converge the positions of public and private decision makers on how to reach the main objectives of this energy transformation. This requires an ongoing debate between relevant key players in energy policy, to democratically develop decisions that can influence policy decisions.


Energy transition involves a profound transformation in the country's economic, social and political structures, and the greatest Brazilian challenge in this process is to align different visions, needs and priorities for this transformation to be possible considering technical and economic principles in a way that benefits the entire society. The challenge of Institute E+ lies in identifying and finding pragmatic answers to which challenges need to be overcome, which tasks are critical and what are the economically efficient and concrete solutions for these issues.


By organizing and offering knowledge, promoting qualified and permanent dialogues, developing and sharing viable proposals that are scientifically sound, and public policy proposals backed by a collective and intelligent process, Institute E+ helps Brazil to find ways to overcome barriers to developing a low-carbon, innovative, dynamic, efficient and integrated energy sector.


Composed of diverse profiles and expertise, our team interacts with stakeholders and experts from all sectors involved in the energy transition in Brazil and worldwide. In this interaction, we are able to produce, gather and share studies based on solid technical-scientific knowledge, which provide the basis for decision-making. At the same time, the E+ Panel, which brings together renowned Brazilian experts, identifies and anticipates key issues to the energy transformation that need to be answered to develop and anticipate solutions with long-term impacts.


The E+ Panel is diverse in its composition and representative of all sectors. It acts as an advisory council that prioritizes the most urgent tasks that will result in an energy policy agenda that will have a relevant long term impact.


Institute E+ is funded with resources from foundations and international organizations that are raised by the Institute for Climate and Society, a philanthropic organization that allocates resources from funders to initiatives that address the issue of the energy transition.


Institute E+ is not subordinated to any company or government and operates independently. Its development actions are always based on a plurality of views, dialogue and scientific soundness.