explore disruptive ways to contribute to the brazilian energy transition


Inspired by the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT), of which we are a member, and the Agora Energiewende model, our methodology is based on dialogue, through meetings and sharing knowledge, to support a Brazilian energy transformation based on technical and economic fundamentals to enable a low-carbon Brazilian energy matrix


Through the interaction with think tanks that are members of the International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT) and the permanent dialogue with experts and stakeholders in Brazil, E+ is constantly monitoring the challenges and solutions of the global energy transformation. Based on these inputs and the E+ Panel discussions, E+ serves as a sounding board of society’s perspective, driven by public interest.

These issues, fueled by sound technical-scientific knowledge, will result in pragmatic and technically sound solutions and proposals that will support policy development and decision-making. This process will be a catalyst for the Brazilian energy transition.

Institute E+ seeks to identify and anticipate trends and barriers to create a low-carbon energy sector. Assisted by a team composed of different profiles and expertise, E+ will also develop scientifically sound and politically feasible ways to respond to these issues, whether these are economic, technological or policy issues. This process occurs in a permanent dialogue with stakeholders and society, producing tangible benefits for all.

The E+ Panel fulfills a role in pointing out the fundamental questions that will have to be answered to guarantee that the inevitable transition to a low-carbon energy matrix be undertaken based in solid technical, economic and regulatory principles.

A group of notable Brazilians meets periodically at the invitation of E+; the issues and priority reflections for the country's energy transition agenda emerge from this dialogue.

E+strategic positioning

Seeking disruptive ways to contribute to the energy transformation is a challenge that requires more than being up to date on the most advanced developments in Brazil and in the world: it is essential to anticipate trends, to chart the course today that will enable us to face the future challenges. The earlier this reflection happens, the more influence we have and the lower the cost of change. This will serve as a catalyst for the process of identifying and designing solutions. This positioning allows E+ to always take a proactive and pragmatic approach and develop consistent policy proposals.


Along the public policy process, E+ places a greater emphasis on the policy development phase. However, the public policy cycle in Brazil requires an intense debate to set and develop the agenda. It also requires ongoing monitoring, both throughout the decision-making process and in the implementation and evaluation process.

In the monitoring phase, the E+ experts accompany the entire implementation process of the proposed solutions, to give feedback to the process with the lessons learned from the previous stages.